Frequently Asked Questions

About Skosh

It is as easy as 1-2-3, literally:

  1. Fill up your reusable Skosh bottle with tap-water.
  2. Drop the Skosh tablet in the bottle and watch it sizzle! This process can take up to 5 minutes until the tablet is completely dissolved.
  3. Attach the spray nozzle to your bottle and you are ready to clean, but this time – without any plastic waste!

Please dissolve each tab in 500 ml of water. Our bottles are optimized for this purpose. If you use your own bottle, please pay attention to the water quantity.

If you are living within the EU, our products are fully available online and we send them directly to your door!

We are not shipping to countries outside the EU at the moment. You can sign up to our newsletter to be the first one to be notified as soon as we are ready to ship to your country.

Our products are also available in some hand-picked stores across Sweden, Germany, and Italy. Please contact us for further information.

Send us an e-mail at and we will respond within one business day.

Feel free to call us under this number: +46 76 97 30 459 (Please keep in mind that we do business in English). You can also follow and contact us on Instagram and Facebook.

Our tabs are of course 100% vegan and we don't test our products on animals.

Since reducing CO2 emissions is one of our highest goals, we are producing the majority of our product in Scandinavia (Sweden & Finland) as well as in central European countries (Germany & Netherlands).

Skosh is a startup from Lund, Sweden and it is our vision to give everybody access to a more sustainable and enriching lifestyle by creating easy-to-use, sustainable and beautiful products.

With our sustaining cleaning products we are paving the way for an eco-conscious lifestyle for people who want to do better, by offering meaningful day-to-day cleaning and care products without irresponsibly using our planet’s resources.

"Skosh" originally comes from Japanese and means "a little bit", which supports our vision of making the world more sustainable one Skosh at the time.

Want to know more about the team? Visit our Team page!

Want to know more about our environmental impact? Visit our Sustainability page.

Bottles & Packaging

Our bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic (PCR) and can, therefore, be recycled again.

The tab packaging and outer packaging are made of paper and can be disposed of in the paper waste. We are not using any plastic in our packaging!

We made sure to strictly rely on materials and resources that are made from recycled material. The starter kit cardboard material is fully biodegradable, the tablets are packaged in coated FSC paper which is fully recyclable and the bottle is made from fully recycled plastic (PCR PP).

Cleaning Tabs

Yes! Skosh’s cleaning tablets are 100% biodegradable. The safer surfactants in our product break down to non-polluting compounds.

Skosh’s products are 100% non-toxic, so we do not offer any disinfecting (which are, by definition, toxic) products at this time.

By the way, all Skosh products feature non-toxic and biodegradable formulas that are safe to use in homes with babies. However, tablets should not be swallowed, thus should be kept out of the reach of children.

The main active ingredients are food-grade citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, anionic surfactants, salts, parfum, and stainless coloring. The proportions of each substance vary depending on the area of application.

Our cleaning products have been extensively tested and found to be very good and powerful! Each cleaning tablet (Multi-Purpose, Bathroom, and Glass-cleaning) has its own unique formulation with optimised pH-levels and ingredients for the most effective cleaning performance possible.

However, our aim was to produce a cleaning agent that is perfect for everyday use, that can remove everyday dirt very well and that also protects the environment.

We recommend using the Bathroom Cleaner on the following surfaces: Toilets, sinks, tubs, showers, tiles (porcelain, glazed, ceramic). Don’t use on marble, natural stone & wood.

We recommend using the Glass & Mirror Cleaner on the following surfaces: Mirrors, windows, & glass surfaces. Do not use on marble, natural stone & wood!

We advise using the Multi-Purpose Cleaner on the following surfaces: Kitchen-countertops (granite, quartz, laminate, corian, formica), stove tops, range hoods, tile walls, sinks, stainless steel, and grills. Do not use on marble, natural stone & wood!

You can use our cleaning tabs once dissolved for at least 6 months without diminishing the cleaning power.

The tabs' cleaning performance is optimised for 500 ml of water. We also recommend to use 2 tabs for 1liter of liquid.

If you want a more concentrated cleaning liquid, it is also possible to dissolve the tabs in 400ml or less and vice versa for less concentration.

The Multi-Purpose cleaning tablet smells flowery and springlike.

The Bathroom cleaning tablet smells like lemon/ citric blossom.

The Glass-cleaner has a fresh smell of sea breeze.

Yes! Our Multi-Purpose sustainable cleaning tabs can also be used as dish soap. Simply dissolve the tablet in a reusable bottle, spray it on dishes and use a sponge to wipe it clean.

Due to the unique formulation of our Multi-Purpose cleaner and a relatively high pH-level, it is perfectly suitable for cleaning grease and food-stains.

We do not recommend to put the tablets in a dishwashing-maschine.

Even though we make use of food-grade citric acid, sodium bicarbonate and other eco-friendly ingredients, we are still obliged by regulations to label this product as a cleaning product with hazard signs. However, there is nothing to worry about, these miracle ingredients are super effective, super safe and non toxic!

Subscription (Subscribe and Save)

The subscription can be paused or cancelled anytime on the Account page. Please find detailed Steps below:

1) Log in to your Skosh account.

If you signed up for a subscription but you don't have an account, please create a new account using the same e-mail you have used for your purchase.

Visit the Account Page and Log-In with your E-Mail and Passwort or create a new account

2) Click on "Subscriptions" on the bottom right corner of your account page:

3) Click on your Subscription Number

3) Choose what you would like to do. You can:

  • Cancel, pause/ resume your subscription
  • Skip the next payment of your subscription
  • Update your payment method

If you choose the "Subscribe and Save 20%" option, we will deliver your refills on the frequency you have selected. The subscription currently works for the following products:

It can be chosen whether the delivery of refill tabs should take place every 1, 2, or 3 month(s). In return for signing up to the Subscribe and Save option, a 20% discount is applied to the products.

If you ever need to change your subscription, just log into your account here.

Very occasionally an account is not created when a customer subscribe. You can find out if this has happened to you by trying to login. If it happens to you, you can create an account here and use the same email address you signed up for the subscription with. The account then will be linked to the subscription.

Any issues? Please send an email at

Your Order

Currently, we do not offer the Local-Pickup option since we do not keep so many products in our office. For further questions, please contact

Opening Hours: Monday - Friday: 09:00-17:00

The shipping cost will be added automatically during checkout.

The shipping cost for Sweden:

  • Tablets = 26 kr
  • Starter-kit = 39 kr

Shipping free starting from order value 399 kr.

Shipping cost for EU-countries outside Sweden:

  • Tablets: 54 kr (5,3€)
  • Starter-kit: 78 kr (7,8€)

Shipping free starting from order value 700 kr (70€).

If your package does not arrive as requested or damaged, please contact our customer support by mail We will then find a solution!

Since we usually send out your order directly, a cancellation of your order is usually only possible shortly after receipt of order. In accordance with current Swedish consumer protection laws, you always have 14 days right of withdrawal.

In case you would like to cancel your order, please send us an email to Please find more information in our Refund Policy. 

We offer a variety of payment options, which are all displayed during the checkout process. Here is a short overview:

  • Credit Card (Amex, MasterCard, Visa)
  • PayPal
  • Maestro Debit Card
  • Klarna Pay Now & Pay Later
  • Klarna Slice It
  • iDEAL
  • Bancontact
  • Shop Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay

Please note: If you are choosing the "Subscribe and Save 20%" option for refill tablets, we currently only offer Credit Card payment.

We ship out products everyday at 12:00. Depending on the country you are ordering from, the delivery time might vary:

Orders from Sweden: the delivery time usually takes 2-3 workdays.

Orders from EU-countries outside of Sweden: the delivery usually takes 4-5 workdays.

We are very happy about your feedback of how we can improve. Of course, you can always reach out to or simply fill out a short survey by clicking here.

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