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Make the kitchen nice and structured with a good kitchen cleaner

Who doesn't love the feeling of a clean and tidy kitchen? We believe that there are many of us who have this in common, and therefore we will take up some tips here regarding how to clean your kitchen in the very best way before the Christmas holidays.

Our all-purpose cleaner is perfect as a kitchen cleaner, whether it concerns the stove, the sink or the sink. Start by getting a brand new dishcloth so you don't drag old bacteria around before you clean the kitchen. Apply the all-purpose cleaner to the surfaces you want to clean, then wipe those surfaces with a wet cloth afterwards, then wipe dry with a clean cloth.

Skosh products in a kitchen


Something we often miss when we clean the kitchen is to also clean our fridge. A really good cleaning of the kitchen consists of cleaning out your fridge and sorting the food in there, in order to then get a really good structure but also a good overview of what you actually have in there. A tip to have better control of your products in the fridge is to put labels on the jars with the expiration date, and if you want to make it even more structured, you can color coordinate the notes, where red means it will expire soon, yellow is about to expire and green is calm. The easiest way is to make this structure on cans and packaging that you don't use very often, in order to more easily keep track of the contents of your fridge. In addition to this, it can be good to already at the time of purchase come up with a plan for how to use up the raw materials you buy, so that, for example, no vegetables or fruits are lost.

Cleaning the fridge


When cleaning the fridge, it is good to start by turning the fridge off so that you save on resources. With our all-purpose cleaner , you can then wash off the discs by spraying them a few times and then wipe them dry before putting them back in place inside the fridge. The last step is to wipe the non-adjustable shelves inside the fridge with the all-purpose cleaner on a dishcloth, before wiping them completely dry with a separate cloth with no detergent on it. A tip is to start from the top and then continue downwards in the refrigerator.

Another place that can easily be missed in the kitchen is the tile, where dirt and grease easily get stuck during cooking. It is therefore important to clean there to keep it clean and free of bacteria. With our all-purpose cleaner, which is perfect as a kitchen cleaner, it's easy to spray a little on the tile and then wipe with a damp cloth afterwards. Make sure all the fat is gone and nothing is left behind.

Skosh products in a kitchen


When it comes to the sink, it is important to use a separate sponge that is not used to, for example, wash dishes or clean other surfaces, as there is a lot of bacteria in the sink that you don't want elsewhere.

How often should things be cleaned though? Once a month it is recommended that you sort your fridge and clean it. By doing this, we get a kitchen that is fresh, structured but above all free of bacteria with a good kitchen cleaner.

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