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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Christmas is around the corner!

Despite everything going on in the world, we are all excited for Christmas because holidays mean much more than just celebratory lights and fancy gifts. It's a celebration of family bonds, friendship, love, and togetherness.

2020 brought us lots of things to think about, so for some of you who don't have time to research how to organize eco-friendly Christmas, we came up with some easy-peasy ideas:

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Give experiences instead of traditional gifts

Why? Because first of all, experiences "generate" zero or less waste compared to physical gifts. Usually, you can buy a ticket or a gift card. Once the experience is over, you don't have to think about what to do with it, in contrast to other gifts. Besides, research shows that people tend to remember and enjoy experiences more than physical gifts.

Switch to digital cards

In the age of computers, you can always send a digital Christmas card. It's a great way to personalize your Christmas card and generate less waste. If you don't prefer digital cards and are a fan of physical cards, then consider making your own from recycled materials.

Get a real Christmas tree

Fake Christmas trees usually contain plastic and are bad for the environment. But you don't need to get rid of them completely. Natural Christmas trees are a sustainable source. They don't result in pollution if carefully and responsibly recycled. And after all, they bring us the most joy during Christmas, don't they? So, you have two options. Best case scenario, you can cut down your own real tree from a forest. But if you really want a fake tree, there are dozens of them in second-hand stores.

Christmas presents in wrapping paper

Don't use plastic gift wraps

Most wrapping papers are made of plastic and they cannot be recycled. What to do instead? You can use soft fabric, magazine, or newspaper sheets to wrap your gifts. This way, you'll make your gifts more personalized and eco-friendly.

Buy local products

When you do shopping for Christmas dinner, consider going to local stores instead of big chains. Farmer shops usually offer natural, organic products that are not harmful to the environment and are more healthy. Not to mention that you will also contribute to the local economy.

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