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Transitioning from cleaning liquids to sustainable cleaning tablets

For such a long time, cleaning products were not the most exciting products to try, change, and have fun with. That's why we've been following our routines of buying the same products for such a long time until sustainability became a huge topic around the world. There's a better alternative out there, both for us and for the environment - cleaning tabs that dissolve in water to effective and biodegradable cleaning liquid. Although many companies now offer cleaning products in tablet forms, there is still a lack of knowledge about these revolutionary products. As we realized many consumers have unanswered questions and in some cases doubts about these novel products, we decided to answer some of the most concerning questions about cleaning tabs.

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Why should I switch from traditional cleaning products to cleaning tabs?

Let's do some science here on why cleaning tabs are a better option than traditional cleaning liquids.

A case study conducted by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation concluded that over 90 percent of a typical bottle of cleaning product consists of water. Yes, you heard it right, just water. So only 10% are actual ingredients we need to clean our households. Just for 10% of valuable ingredients millions of cleaning products in plastic packaging are transported regularly. It has a lot of negative outcomes for our planet, but let's go one by one. First of all, it means an unnecessary increase in transportation and consequently, increased CO2 emissions.

Cleaning tablets are cleaning products in a small, space-efficient form. They're eco-friendly because they reduce CO2 emissions caused by the transportation of the cleaning liquids. What you have is only the active ingredients in a tiny tablet form. All you need is to use tap water in your house to dissolve tablets in a liquid form. By doing so, we save 96% of CO2 emissions caused by unnecessary transportation of cleaning products. So, why invest in cleaning liquids and contribute to the increase in CO2 emissions then?

Plus, because traditional cleaning liquids are transported and sold in plastic packages, they also contribute to plastic waste. After finishing the products, we throw away these bottles and purchase new ones. Plastic waste is already a big problem in the world. According to a report written by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the best research currently available estimates that there are over 150 million tons of plastic waste in the ocean today. Without significant action, there may be more plastic than fish in the ocean, by weight, by 2050.

Having our own reusable cleaning bottle lets us avoid plastic waste in the long term. Instead of throwing away a plastic bottle after we're done with the cleaning products, we simply purchase new cleaning tablets and refill the bottles. That's why in addition to producing eco-friendly cleaning tabs, we also offer our customers Skosh reusable bottles .

What's more? Eco-friendly cleaning tablets are made of organic, natural ingredients that are not harmful to our health. We don't want to bring toxic ingredients to our household - where we spend the majority of our time. Unfortunately, many cleaning liquids available in supermarkets contain aggressive chemicals that are dangerous for our health. Such strong chemicals are often not needed to clean the everyday grease and limestone in our kitchen or bathroom. However, they can cause headaches due to toxic and intense smells as well as skin irritations. Eco-friendly tablets don't have such ingredients, therefore they're safe for us and our family.

There's one more advantage. Because of their size and volume, cleaning tabs are also space-efficient. They don't take up as much space as traditional cleaning liquids do. This means having less cramped space in your cupboard and the possibility of stocking more cleaning tabs at once!

Skosh, cleaning tablets, cleaning bottles

How do sustainable cleaning tabs work?

Not only do cleaning tablets simplify our cleaning routine by bringing more convenience and organic ingredients, but they're also quite easy to prepare. To prepare Skosh sustainable cleaning liquid, fill a reusable bottle with tap water in your household, drop a cleaning tablet in a bottle, and watch it sizzle! Within 5 minutes, your high quality and sustainable cleaning liquid is ready to use!

Are sustainable cleaning tabs effective?

Okay, they're sustainable and convenient. But do sustainable cleaning liquids actually clean? The answer is yes! The feedback we got from large field tests with over 250 test-persons shows that Skosh sustainable cleaning tablets don't lack effectiveness or efficiency when compared to traditional cleaning products. In fact, Skosh aims to make use of nature's own cleaning power: eco-friendly ingredients.

How much do sustainable cleaning tabs cost?

They're affordable and easy to order. You can purchase 3 tablets for SEK 75 on our digital shop , and they usually last 2-3 months depending on how often you use them.

So, now we know about the benefits, functionality, effectiveness and cost of these tablets. How about giving it a try?
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