Our products

Where are our products manufactured?

As one of our highest goals is to reduce CO2 emissions, we produce our products in Central European countries where the majority of production takes place in the Netherlands and Lithuania.

Why does Skosh Detergent contain zeolites?

Zeolites soften water and have replaced phosphorus in many powder detergents. According to various studies, zeolites do not cause any harm. Our Color & Clean detergent has been approved by Ecocert, which is the highest organic certification in Europe. According to the latest studies on this from 2019, zeolites have been shown to be non-toxic to living organisms and exhibit no allergic or irritant potential when they come into contact with the skin.

What are surfactants?

Surfactants change the water's surface tension in order to loosen dirt. Surfactants keep the dirt liquid and do not stick again. Nonionic surfactants are mild compared to ionic surfactants, which clean without destroying the skin's proteins. By using nonionic surfactants, you reduce the risk of skin irritations and the development of allergies, which is otherwise a problem with ionic surfactants.

How much detergent do I need?

Smaller laundry (3-5 kg): 1.5x buckets
Larger laundry (5-8 kg): 2x buckets

3-5 kg ​​- 39 ml
5-8 kg - 65 ml

3-5 kg: 45 ml
5-8 kg: 75 ml

3-5 kg: 60 ml
5.8 kg: 100 ml

Different parts of Sweden have different water hardnesses, but about 80% of Sweden has soft water. Areas with calcareous rocks often have hard water.

Do our dishwasher tablets contain rinse aid?

Our dishwashing tablets are packed with powerful ingredients that get your dishes clean without harsh substances. This means we haven't included rinse aid. If you feel you are missing this, we recommend adding vinegar to the rinse aid tray. It's an eco-friendly alternative that provides the same effect as a more environmentally harmful rinse aid.

Are the refill tablets disinfected?

Our refill tablets are not disinfectants.

What ingredients do our products consist of?

On each product page you will find the ingredients for the product you are looking at. We also have a separate ingredients page where we go through our ingredients in more detail. You can find it here.

How well do our cleaners clean?

Our cleaning products have undergone extensive testing to ensure powerful cleaning effect. Each refill tablet (Universal, Bathroom, and Window) has its own unique formula with optimized pH levels and ingredients for the most effective cleaning performance possible.

Our Kök refill tablets are developed together with fellow biotech company Novozymes. The tablets contain active probiotics that continuously clean, contribute to a good balance of bacteria in your home and are a PRIMA ingredient in your cleaning.

Which surfaces can I clean?

Universal Spray: Countertops (granite, quartz, laminate, corian, formica), stainless steel, grills and all treated surfaces at home.

Bathroom Spray: Toilets, sinks, bathtubs, showers, tiles (porcelain, glazed, ceramic).

Window Spray: Mirrors, windows and glass surfaces.

Kitchen Spray (Active Clean): Cooktops, hoods, sinks, practically all your kitchen surfaces.

Do not use our cleaner on marble, natural stone or untreated wood!

Can I use the cleaning agent as dishwashing liquid?

Yes! Our Univeral Spray can also be used as dishwashing liquid. Dissolve the tablet in a reusable bottle, spray it on the counter and use a dish brush to wipe clean.

The formulation of the Universal refill tablet and the relatively high pH level make it perfect for cleaning grease and food stains.

We do not recommend using the tablets in the dishwasher.

Why is there a warning symbol on our products?

According to regulations from the EU, we are obliged to include a warning symbol on our products. However, this does not mean that our products are dangerous to use in your home, neither for you nor for others in your household.

Is there an expiration date for the refill tablets?

There is no expiry date for our refill tablets. An undissolved tablet will last for several years if stored cool and dry.

For a dissolved tablet, i.e. cleaning agent, the shelf life is about 6 months. That is as long as we can guarantee that the cleaning effect remains the same.

Do the cleaners have a scent?

All our refill tablets, except Kök, contain a small percentage of perfume (<1%).

Universal = Light floral scent

Bathroom = Light citrus scent

Window = Light sea scent

Are our products vegan?

Our entire product range is Vegan Trademark certified. This means, no animal ingredients and no testing on animals.

Subscription and Account

I have a subscription, how do I make changes?

When you start a subscription with us, your email is automatically synced to this subscription.

To access your subscription to change intervals, skip delivery or cancel your subscription, you must first create an account with us as this does not happen automatically when you place your order.

How do I create an account?

1. Click through to the registration page here .

2. Create an account with the same email you used when placing your order.

Do you then want to make changes to your subscription?

1. Click on "Manage Subscriptions"

2. Here you can see your subscriptions. If you want to make changes, click on the product you want to change and then choose from the different options.

How does the subscription work?

Right now we offer subscriptions for our refill tablets, dishwasher tablets and detergent. For all of these we offer a trial period. This means that at the start of a subscription you will receive a free sample sent home and after 14 days your regular subscription will start.

Is an account automatically created when I subscribe?

The simple answer is no. Once you start a subscription, your email is automatically synced but an account is not created. You must manually create an account to make changes.

Your order

How long is the delivery time?

We ship our orders every day at 12:00. Depending on where in Europe you live, the delivery time may vary slightly.
The delivery time is usually within 3 working days within Sweden.
Delivery time is usually 4-5 working days within the EU.

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs within Sweden:
For orders under SEK 300: SEK 27
For orders over SEK 300: Free delivery.

Shipping costs within Europe:
Home delivery: SEK 53
To the nearest post office: SEK 48
For orders over SEK 300: Free delivery.

Something has gone wrong with my order

If something were to happen to your shipment. For example, delay, missing products or damaged products, please contact

We will respond within approximately 1 working day and will be happy to help you find the best solution!

Can I return my product?

As we usually ship your order directly, cancellation of your order is usually only possible shortly after receiving the order.
In accordance with current Swedish consumer protection laws, you always have a 14-day right of withdrawal. If you want to cancel your order, you can send us an email at . You can find more information in our Shipping Policy .

About Skosh

How Does the WTF Concept Work?

The WTF concept contains all the elements you need to clean smarter, not harder. W stands for water. Fill any spray bottle with approximately 500 ml of warm tap water. T stands for tablet, drop in one of our refill tablets and let dissolve. F stands for bottle and you either click home one of ours in 100% recycled plastic or you take one you already have at home. Empty bottle? Repeat with a new tablet and new water and skip the plastic!

Where can I buy Skosh?

If you live within the EU, our products are available online via our online store. We currently do not deliver to countries outside the EU.

Our products are now available at over 100 retailers around Europe and the USA. Feel free to contact us for further information regarding these. You can also sign up for our newsletter to be the first to be notified as soon as we are ready to ship to your country.

How do I reach customer service?

Feel free to send us an email at and we will respond within one working day.
You are also welcome to call us at +4676-973-0459 (our company language is English).
You can also reach us on our Instagram and Facebook .

How was Skosh started?

Skosh is a startup that started in Lund and was launched in 2020. Our first launch was our cleaning tablets that started our journey towards better cleaning and less plastic in our homes. Today we offer a wide range of both cleaning and hair and skin products. All with the common goal of saving on plastic!

Why the name Skosh?

Skosh comes from the Japanese word sukoshi which means "a small piece". The meaning behind the name is that our customers already have the main ingredient for cleaning agents at home, i.e. tap water. We offer the last "little bit" you need, our refill tablets.

Eden Reforestation Projects

Your order contributes to a greener future.
For every single order, we plant a tree together with Eden Reforestation Projects, a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide fair wage employment to poor villagers. The Eden Reforestation Project's approach is to "hire to plant", which in turn results in positive socio-economic and environmental action. Together, we create livelihoods for thousands of people living in poverty.