What ingredients do the tablets contain?

The main active ingredients are citric acid of food quality, sodium bicarbonate, anonerior tests, salts, perfume, and colour (dye not of them). The samples for each substance vary depending on the use of the substance.

How effectively does it clean?

Our cleaning products have undergone extensive tests and have been found to be very good and powerful! Each cleansing tablet (Allcleansing, Badrum, and Glass & Mirror) has its own unique formula with optimized pH levels and ingredients for such an efficient cleaning performance as possible.
Our aim, however, was to produce a detergent that is perfect for daytime use, which can remove the everyday mutation very good and which also protects the environment.

Do the tablets have a odour / smell?

The cleaners smell like a flowery and wartime.
Bathroom ring smells like lemon / lemon flower.
Glas & Spegel Cleaning has a fresh scent of sea breeze.

How long is one tablet after it dissolved?

You can use our cleaning tablets for at least 6 months after they are dissolved without reducing the cleaning effect.

Who and what's Skosh?

Skosh is a startup from Lund and our vision is to give everyone access to a more sustainable and enriching lifestyle by creating easy-use, sustainable and beautiful products.
With our sustainable cleansing tablets we reduce plastic waste, environmental pollution and toxic ingredients from cleaning products for households. "Shosh" originated from the Japanese, meaning "a little bit", which supports our vision of making the world more sustainable one Skoch at a time.
If you want to know more about the team, visit our About us page : About us If you want to know more about environmental impacts, please visit our shelf-life : https://www.skosh.se/pages/sustainability

How does that work?

It's as simple as 1-2-3, Literally
1. fill your reusable shoe bottle with tap water.
2. Drop in the Skosh tablet into the vial and see how it disintegres! It may take up to 5 minutes until the tablet is completely dissolved.
3. The tip of the syringe is on your bottle and you are ready to clean, but this time without plastic waste.
Dissove each tablet in 500 ml of water. Our bottles are optimized for this. If you use your own bottle, pay attention to the water set.

Is Skosh's product veganska?

Of course, our pills are 100% vegans, and we don't test our products on animals.


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