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Everything you will ever need to clean your home! Simply order our All-In-One eco-friendly cleaning solution online and you are ready to go. No trips to the supermarket, no plastic waste, and no toxic ingredients! With every order, you help to plant a tree 😊


  • 3 Bottles made from recycled plastic and optimized for reuse
  • 2 Multi-Purpose cleaning tabs
  • 2 Bathroom cleaning tabs
  • 2 Glass & Mirror cleaning tabs


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  • Made from 100% recycled plastic 
  • Optimized for reuse instead of one-time-use
  • Premium matte finish
  • The last cleaning bottle you'll ever need
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Susan H.
Sweden Sweden
I recommend this product
Worth a try!

I really liked the bathroom cleaner and the multi purpose, but the glass/mirror cleaner did leave some streaks. Overall I think it’s a good product and really worth it if you want to use less chemicals and focus on something more environmentally friendly. One thing I did notice was that the tablets weren’t as brightly coloured as advertised and the multi purpose tab/bathroom tab are a little similar. It’s not a deal breaker though. Really good products.

Regina A.
Sweden Sweden
I recommend this product
Try it

Easy to use. Except for the yellow tablet that was white in reality so once it's out of the pack age remember to look at the other tablets first and put them in so you know which one goes where. Other than that the product actually works for cleaning. I didn't have any expectations so I was pleased with the result! You should definitely try it since it in fact better to use than the poison we use otherwise that not only harms the environment but also destroys your skin ☠️

Sara M.
Sweden Sweden
I recommend this product

Produkterna funkar helt klart efter förväntan (vilket ändå var ganska hög). Stort plus för sprayflaskorna, de är superbra! Man behöver däremot använda lite mer för att få samma resultat som på det du köper i affärer. Hade önskat lite mer doft på samtliga sprayer, men det är inte tillräckligt för att jag inte ska rekommendera det vidare. Jag kommer absolut fortsätta beställa härifrån. Lite minus för brist på doft och att man behöver lite mer av produkten.

Sweden Sweden
I recommend this product

Really happy that I decided to buy the products. Really works and it’s worth the price

Sweden Sweden
I recommend this product

Great. However the glass cleaner is not as good as similar one "with chemicals"

How does it work? 

It's as simple as 1-2-3, literally:
1. Fill your reusable cleaning spray bottle with 500ml tap water.
2. Drop in your Skosh cleaning tablet and let it dissolve for 5 minutes.
3. Screw the nozzle back on and you are ready to clean, but this time without plastic waste!

What are the tablets made of?

The main active ingredients are food-grade citric acid, sodium (hydrogen) carbonate, anionic surfactants, pH-regulators, perfume, and stainless colouring. The amounts for each ingredient vary depending on the cleaning area.

Skosh products are 100% vegan and biodegradable!

How effective does it clean?

Our cleaning products have undergone extensive tests and have been found to be very efficient and powerful! Each tablet (Multi-Purpose, Bathroom, and Glass & Mirror) has its own unique formula with optimised pH levels and ingredients for an efficient cleaning performance. It is our highest goal to produce cleaning products that are perfect for everyday use, which effectively remove everyday dirts while simultaneously protecting the environment. 

Do the tablets have a fragrance/ scent?

The Multi-Purpose cleaner has a flowery and spring-like scent.

The Bathroom cleaner has a fresh lemon/ lime scent. 

The Glass-& Mirror cleaner has a fresh scent of sea-breeze

How long does one tablet lasts after it has been dissolved?

You can use our cleaning tablets for at least 6 months after they have been dissolved without a reduction of the cleaning effect.

Why Skosh cleaning tablets?

With our sustainable cleaning tablets we reduce plastic waste, CO2 emissions and toxic ingredients from household cleaning products. The name Skosh originates from Japanese, meaning "a little bit", which supports our vision of making the world more sustainable one Skosh at the time. 

If you want the learn more about the team, visit our About us page or our Sustainability page

To search the full and comprehensive FAQ section, click Here.

    All our cleaning tablets are made from environmentally friendly ingredients that are not harmful to the environment and biodegradable. To optimize the cleaning efficiency, we were careful to create the optimal pH level needed for each tablet.

    General cleaning Tablets:
    • Ingredients: citric acid. sodium carbonate, anionic surfactant (5-15%), perfume, dyes
    Bathroom Cleansing Tablets:
    • Ingredients: citric acid. sodium bicarbonate, anionic surfactant (5-15%), perfume, dyes
    Glass & Mirror Cleansing Tablets:
    • Ingredients: citric acid. sodium bicarbonate, anionic surfactant (5-15%), perfume, dyes

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