Making the cleaning industry more transparent.

Selective is the most fitting word to describe the journey of carefully picking ingredients for our products, with everything from origin to an environmental aspect being considered. In a climate where greenwashing becomes more and more common we choose to be transparent about what we use and more importantly, what we don’t use. 

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Ingredients you cannot find inside our products.

Did you know that it’s not mandatory for cleaning companies to list all of the ingredients that they use on their packaging? Thus making it impossible for you as a consumer to fully know what you actually are buying. Maybe this doesn’t sound like a big deal but you could unknowingly be buying household items which are petroleum based without even knowing! 

Ingredients you can find in our products.

At Skosh we want to be transparent about which ingredients we use. This is so that you as a customer can make a consumer choice based on facts. To do this we try to explain our ingredients in a way that makes the information easy to understand, easy to access and easy to base decisions on.

When shopping on our website you can find the ingredients listed on each individual product page.


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