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Project from Lund University

Who is doing this?

This is us. We are three Lund University graduates who met during our Master’s program with the common goal of living a more sustainable lifestyle. We realized that nobody needs tons of cleaning products with harsh chemicals and our planet certainly doesn’t need any more plastic waste! That’s why we, Simon (left), Max (middle), and Tom (right) are creating non-toxic cleaning solutions that reduce transportation weight and plastic waste while polishing all parts of our home’s.

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2019 - 2020

Our journey from start until now

Winning Lunds biggest Innovation challenge

The start of our journey

"How can we attack a global challenge with a scalable business model?" That was the question to solve as we signed up to Lund's biggest innovation challenge. Over the course of one weekend we had to find an answer to this broad but important topic. After a lot of brainstorming we discovered the plastic-waste problem and more specifically, the large contribution of the cleaning industry to it. As we realized the gradutude of our concept, we spent the time refining, adjusting, and polishing the idea. After the weekend we actually ended up winning the challenge which marks the birth of our company!

convincing people

Pitch, Pitch, Pitch

The hardest part about having a new and innovative idea is to convince people of the impact and gratitude of it. To build credibility we spent most of our time participating in challenges while receiving feedback to iterate our business model. Eventually, we participate in the Venture Cup finals and were selected among the top start-ups with the worldwide largest CO2 impact by the Climate Launchpad competition. All this helped us a lot to move on with the project.

test, test, test

First prototypes

Soon we started with creating first formulas for different surface cleaning tablets. With the help of leading chemists from Lund University we were able to refine the formulations and increase the cleaning effectiveness bit by bit. After months of research and development we were finally able to test our first prototypes in the market. We send our tablets to hundreds of people that were keen to test our products. The feedback we got was great since the tabs scored 8/10 points on a cleaning effectiveness scale. But it also showed us precisely in which area we had to improve!

Preparing the big launch

launching soon

We iterated our design, we did extensive research and are now launching soon. We incorporated the feedback we got from you and will launch our tablet 2.0 in combination with our reusable bottles (made from 100% recycled plastic) this year! Sign up to our newsletter to be the first that we notify!

A small amount


We get this question a lot so we thought it might be good to provide you some background information about the origin of the name.

The word “skosh” actually comes from the Japanese language in which “sukoshi” means “a tiny bit” or “a small amount”. In Japan it is pronounced “skoh shee”. 

We chose the name because you already have the main ingredient for your clean liquid at home – tap water – and we provide you with the last “small amount” of cleaning ingredients in form of our tablet. 

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