Why should i care?

Plastic waste doesn't degrade

The first plastic bottle that your parents ever bought, is still on this planet today. One-time-use plastic is contributing to the globally growing plastic waste. The plastic that doesn't get recycled ends up in landfills or in our oceans where the waste is being consumed by the marine wildlife.

Reducing plastic waste

We decided to do something about it

Cleaning bottles that are thrown away after using is a major contributor to the plastic waste problem. Why should we throw the bottles away when we can also simply reuse them? That was the initial thought and now – after one year of development – we can finally share it with the world!

Our bottles are made from 100% recylcled plastic and are meant to be reused for ever. But where do you get the cleaning liquid from? You simply use the tap-water you have at home and dissolve our eco-friendly cleaning tabs and just like that, you have magically created effective cleaning liquid!
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Save Money, Earth & Space

Without any plastic waste

By purchasing our reusable bottles once and only paying for refill tablets, you save a ton of money instead of having to buy new liquids and bottles every time you run out. Save the earth's resources as well as space in your home by only needing refill tablets in your cupboard. Simply add a new tablet and water to your bottles when they're empty – and you're good to go. Save money, earth and space without any plastic waste!

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This is us. We are a Malmö based company with the goal to clean up our planet - one plastic bottle at a time. We are currently searching for talented creators with a passion for the environment and the urge to do better. Together with you we want to build a honest and transparent brand that has the potential of drastically reducing plastic waste!

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We are open to talk about different forms of collaborations or ways of compensation! Just let us know if you're interested by contacting our Community Manager Sigrid.

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