Step 01

Fill it up!

Simply take our bottle and fill it up with the tap-water you have at home. Our bottles and tablets are optimized for 500 ml of tap-water which means that one sustainable cleaning tab will leave you with half a liter of plastic-waste-free cleaning liquid! If you have a bottle at home feel free to use it. Our tabs have a diameter of 20mm which fits most cleaning bottles!

Fill your bottle made from recycled plastic with 500 ml of tap-water
Drop the tablet into your bottle made from recycled plastic and let it dissolve

Step 02

Drop it in!

After you filled your bottle with 500ml of tap-water, unpack the sustainable cleaning tablet and drop it into the bottle. The dissolvement time of the tablet depends on the water temperature and tap-water hardness (Small tip: If you use warm tap-water it should accelerate the progress). In most cases the tablet is fully dissolved within a couple of minutes!

Step 03


Right after the tablet is fully dissolved you can srew the nozzle back on. The tap-water turned into highgly effective but sustainable and eco-friendly surfaces cleaning liquid within just a couple of minutes - Magic! Feel free to start your ordinary cleaning rituals - but this time without plastic waste!

Reusable Skosh bottles made from 100% recycled plastic with spray-trigger

Why is this sustainable?

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