Simply fill your bottle with 500 ml of tap-water. Warm water is preferable in order to accelerate the dissolution progress. Secondly, you just drop the tablet into the water and let it dissolve. After a couple of minutes, you can screw the nozzle back on and you are ready to clean as usual - but this time without plastic waste!

Why Skosh?

Choosing cleaning tablets compared to existing solutions has several important benefits - not only for you but also for our environment:

  • By reusing existing bottles instead of throwing them away after use we are able to drastically reduce plastic waste! Every tablet prevents the sale of a one-time-use plastic bottle!
  • Normal liquid cleaning liquids consist of up to 95% water. This means that cleaning companies ship all that heavy water weight around the planet resulting in avoidable CO2 emissions! Since you already have water at home we can save 96% of transportation CO2 emissions - and you don't have to carry the heavy bottles anymore ;)
  • 73% of the cleaning liquids in supermarket shelves use ingredients that are bad for the environment. Together with the help of Lund University and leading chemists in the field of cleaning agents we are able to combine eco-friendly ingredients with effective cleaning!
  • Don't worry about cleaning liquids ever again. Simply order our tablets online and we ship them directly to your door!