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Do you remember the weird and unpleasant feeling you had last time you threw away a one-time-use cleaning bottle? With the help of our small and biodegradable cleaning tablet, you can simply reuse the spray-bottle you already have at home and drastically decrease your plastic waste! 😊

What's included?
  • Glass & Mirror single premium bottle + 2 Glass & Mirror cleaning tabs
Why our cleaning bottles?
  • No plastic waste!
  • No toxic ingregients!
  • Low CO2 emissions!
  • Wrapped in paper packaging!
How does it work?

Simply fill your bottle with 500 ml of tap-water. Warm water is preferable in order to accelerate the dissolution progress. Secondly, you just drop the tablet into the water and let it dissolve. After a couple of minutes, you can screw the nozzle back on and you are ready to clean as usual - but this time without plastic waste!

    Glass & Mirror cleaning tablets
    • Normal window cleaners often use alcohol in their formulas to ensure that the cleaning liquid evaporates quickly once it hits the surface. Since alcohol is not available in powder form, we had to come up with something else. That is why we included a special and natural salt which ensures that it leaves no streaks or stains.
    • We recommend using the Glass & Mirror cleaner on the following surfaces: Mirrors, windows, & glass surfaces. Do not use on marble, natural stone or wood!

    With our eco-friendly and sustainable surface cleaning solution, we can have a great positive environmental impact! By reducing plastic waste, toxic ingredients as well as  CO2 emissions (from transportation) we are able to preserve our eco-system. Our three sustainable cleaning solutions are enough to clean your whole household. Simply order it online and you get a bathroom cleaner to clean your bathtubs, sinks, showers and tiles! Additionally, the All-In-One eco-friendly cleaning solution comes with a Multi-Purpose cleaner for kitchen countertops that is a perfect grease dissolver as well as a Glass & Mirror cleaner. Try it out now!

    Benefits of using Skosh

     Which ingredients do the tabs contain?

    The main active ingredients are food-grade citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, anionic surfactants, salts, parfum, and stainless coloring. The proportions of each substance vary depending on the area of application.

    How effective does it clean?

    Our cleaning products have been extensively tested and found to be very good and powerful! Each cleaning tablet (Multi-Purpose, Bathroom, and Glass-cleaning) has its own unique formulation with optimised pH-levels and ingredients for the most effective cleaning performance possible.

     However, our aim was to produce a cleaning agent that is perfect for everyday use, that can remove everyday dirt very well and that also protects the environment.

    Do the tablets have a smell/scent?

    Yes, we added some pleasant fragrance (Essential Oils) to our cleaning tablets. All of our fragrance are inspired by nature and they are very subtle as we decreased the parfum by a drastic amount compared to commonly used products. 

    The Multi-Purpose cleaning tablet smells flowery and springlike. 

    The Bathroom cleaning tablet smells like lemon/ citric blossom.

    The Glass-cleaner has a fresh smell of sea breeze. 

    How long does a tab last once dissolved?

    You can use our cleaning tabs once dissolved for at least 6 months without diminishing the cleaning power.

    What is the delivery time on my order?

    We ship out products everyday at 12:00. Depending on the country you are ordering from, the delivery time might vary:

    Orders from Sweden: the delivery time usually takes 2-3 workdays.

    Orders from EU-countries outside of Sweden: the delivery usually takes 4-5 workdays. 

    How to use?

    Simply fill your bottle with 500 ml of tap-water. Warm water is preferable in order to accelerate the dissolution progress. Secondly, you just drop the tablet into the water and let it dissolve. After a couple of minutes, you can screw the nozzle back on and you are ready to clean as usual - but this time without plastic waste!

    Why Skosh?

    Choosing cleaning tablets compared to existing solutions has several important benefits - not only for you but also for our environment:

    • By reusing existing bottles instead of throwing them away after use we are able to drastically reduce plastic waste! Every tablet prevents the sale of a one-time-use plastic bottle!
    • Normal liquid cleaning liquids consist of up to 95% water. This means that cleaning companies ship all that heavy water weight around the planet resulting in avoidable CO2 emissions! Since you already have water at home we can save 96% of transportation CO2 emissions - and you don't have to carry the heavy bottles anymore ;)
    • 73% of the cleaning liquids in supermarket shelves use ingredients that are bad for the environment. Together with the help of Lund University and leading chemists in the field of cleaning agents we are able to combine eco-friendly ingredients with effective cleaning!
    • Don't worry about cleaning liquids ever again. Simply order our tablets online and we ship them directly to your door!


    Visit the full and comprehensive FAQ section by clicking here.

      All of our cleaning tablets are made from eco-friendly ingredients that are not harmful to the environment and biodegradable. To optimize the cleaning effectiveness we paid close attention to create the optimal pH-level needed for each tablet. 

      Bathroom cleaning tablets
      • Ingredients: Citric acid, maleic acid, sodium sulfate, sodium hydrogen corbonate, anionic surfactant (5-15%), colouring and essential oils.
      • The scent of our Bathroom cleaner is characterised by a fresh and citric note.
      • Our Bathroom cleaner has a low pH-level to effectively remove lime and water stains. 
      Multi-Purpose cleaning tablets
      • Ingredients: Citric acid, sodium carbonate, anionic surfactant (5-15%), colouring, and essential oils.
      • The scent of our Mutli-Purpose cleaner is characterised by a flowery note.
      • Our Multi-Purpose cleaner has a high pH-Level which dissolves fats and grease effectively. 
      Glass & Mirror cleaning tablets
      • Ingredients: Citric acid, sodium hydrogen carbonate, anionic surfactant (5-15%), sodium sulfate, sodium benzoate, colouring, and essential oils.
      • The scent of our Glass & Mirror cleaner is characterised by a refreshing ocean breeze.
      • Our Glass & Mirror Cleaner has a medium pH-level which helps to clean glass surfaces without leaving stains.

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